Our full service optometric office is designed to meet both your eye health needs and eyewear requirements.

High Quality Lenses and Frames

Our highly trained staff and doctor are ready to assist you with the appropriate selection for your specific needs. If you’ve never thought about the brand of lenses for your eyeglasses, you are certainly not alone. However, when you consider how significant vision is to your life and how much you depend on the sense of sight throughout the day, you begin to appreciate what drives our efforts to improve every aspect of vision correction. This sets Dr. Newman Optometry apart. We understand and recognize the latest optical technologies and lens design techniques.

Dr. Newman Optometry is an authorized dealer of Zeiss, Hoya, and Shamir Lenses. We take the time to discuss how different lens designs will impact your vision. We also show you eyewear styles that are not only appropriate to your prescription but also are well designed to fit your facial features, functionality, and lifestyle. At Dr. Newman Optometry we apply our optical expertise to provide the most advanced eyeglass lens designs, materials, and treatments. We believe every pair of eyes deserves the best vision correction possible. We help you see better and look better!

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